Since this web site is a brand new design, the official help pages have not been completed yet, but here are a few tips for using the new search engine.

To perform an image search, simply type your search terms into the search box under the logo in the upper right of your web browser. This is similar to a google search box, so feel free to put more than a single word into the search box to help get better results.

  • DON'T: Search for single characters as it will bring back too many results to sift through.
  • DO: Use multiple search terms when you want to narrow down the results. Example: Don't search for "Supercross", Search for "2014 Supercross" instead.
  • When searching for specific riders, you may search by either their first name, last name, a combination of both names, or their rider number. Single digit rider numbers will get you quite a few hits though, so be aware.
  • When using multiple search terms (like "2014 Supercross John Smith") the search engine will rank your search results by relevance. What this means is that any images that match ALL the words in your search will appear first in the results list. Any images that match MOST of your search terms will be under that.
  • Once you have found some images, you can use our Photo Table feature to keep track of your favorites as you browse through the multiple pages of results. Putting an image on the light table will help narrow down the images you like and save you from writing down their filenames to find them again. Photo Tables may be saved for later use, and there is no limit to how many photo tables you can have. So feel free to categorize your favorite images by rider, event, year, or any combination!

Until the official help documents/videos are completed, feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or you have come accross a bug in the system. I will do my best to answer then as soon as possible


Scott Pouliot - Webmaster